Rudy: Trump Is Innocent Because He Did Not Personally Hack Democratic Emails

Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg

Michael Cohen and Allen Weisselberg

Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani justified his prior praise of the president's now-former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen by saying on CNN this morning that "George Washington didn't know that Benedict Arnold was a traitor".

President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said Monday that he does not know whether Trump would ever pardon Michael Cohen, the President's embattled ex-lawyer now under criminal investigation.

Giuliani, one of Trump's attorneys, railed against special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian Federation interference in the election and whether Trump obstructed justice during two TV interviews Monday. "Gee, I wonder if they helped him make the choice", Trump said.

On Thursday night, Trump's current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, called Cohen a "liar" in response to the report.

Three days after Cohen's new lawyer, Lanny Davis, released a tape of Cohen and Trump talking about paying for Playboy model Karen McDougal's silence, the relationship splintered further Friday.

When asked by Camerota whether he knew for sure that Trump was not told by his son about meeting with Russian agents at Trump Tower to get dirt on then-rival Hillary Clinton, Giuliani admitted that "nobody can be sure of anything".

The assertion from Mr. Cohen, who is under federal investigation, is potentially important.

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When pressed by host Margaret Brennan on the number of times Donald Trump may be present in these materials, Giuliani seemed determined to be specific.

The former New York City mayor also confirmed the existence of additional "Cohen tapes", contending they mostly consist of secret recordings between Cohen and reporters discussing business pertinent to the McDougal and Stormy Daniels situations. But he has said since that no "meaningful information" was offered and the meeting focused mostly on the issue of adoptions of Russian children. Only 1 with the president of the united States, ' Giuliani said.

The conversation between Cohen and Trump, which Cohen recorded secretly, took place during the presidential campaign.

Cohen did not return a request for comment on Trump's tweet or the CNN report.

House conservatives - including Ryan - still say the Justice Department isn't producing the documents they want about the early stages of the Russian Federation investigation, which means Rosenstein isn't out of the woods completely. He cited the president's tweets as being helpful to Mr. Trump's legal case, saying he has been able to lay out his defense for not granting an interview to Mueller's team.

In an ABC News interview released on July 2, Cohen said his family and the country commanded his "first loyalty", the first fuel to that speculation.

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