Colombian drug cartel puts £53,000 price on dog’s head

Drug dealers put price on German Shepherd's head

Drug dealers put price on German Shepherd's head

Colombia's biggest drugs gang, known by the name the Urabeños who are also known as the Gulf Clan, are considered Colombia's most powerful criminal organization, put a price on Sombra's head, a drug dog, after she sniffed out 10 tons of their cocaine earlier this year.

The drug-sniffing dog is responsible for finding more than 2000kg of cocaine during her time with the National Police of Colombia, prompting the Urabenos, or Gulf Clan, to offer the bounty. And she is so good at her job that drug dealers want her dead.

Colombia's national police estimates it has lost at least 1,800 officers - and a number of dogs - to the war on drugs in the past two decades.

It comes as no surprise to Colombian police, who say Sombra, meaning "Shadow" in English, has led to the seizure of nine tonnes of cocaine and the arrest of 245 suspects, many of whom are linked to Urabenos. She also found another delivery of coke hidden inside a machine.

She's since been relocated to an airport in Bogotá, where, according to the news outlet, she's accompanied by extra security officers to ensure her safety.

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"Her sense of smell is far beyond that of other dogs, " Rojas said.

The Urabeños gang is considered the largest and most powerful in Colombia, and it's not unusual for them target people standing in their way. Its influence expanded across the country around 2012, as it gained control of drug production zones and corridors in the north to traffic materials.

Colombia is one of the world's leading producers of cocaine, with an output of around 910 tonnes per year, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Colombia's cocaine accounted for about 92 percent of cocaine stashes seized in the United States that year.

Sombra was originally stationed in Turbo, a town on the Atlantic coast that's known for drug smuggling.

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