Trump turns fire on top Republican donors

Trump turns fire on top Republican donors

Trump turns fire on top Republican donors

They founded Americans for Prosperity - a national conservative advocacy group - and are among the primary funders of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, a pro-business organization that usually supports Republican candidates through its PAC.

The Kochs are concerned about the Trump administration's "protectionist" trade policies, which have sparked an worldwide trade war and could trigger a US recession, Koch said.

The Koch network said on Monday it would not support congressman Kevin Cramer in his attempt to unseat the Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, in North Dakota, a state that voted heavily for Trump in 2016.

Trump held a rally in Tampa on Tuesday in a show of force for DeSantis, who faces off against state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the state's August 28 Republican primary. For now, they don't plan to devote any resources to help take down North Dakota Democratic Sen. "We're going to more directly deal with that and hold people responsible for their commitments".

Some Trump loyalists were furious even before Monday's news.

"Here's the program: Ground game to support Trump's presidency and program, [and] victory on November 6", Bannon said in an interview with POLITICO.

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"Bottom line, we need lawmakers to do more, so we need to expect more out of them". Bannon asked in a brief interview with The Associated Press.

Mr Trump has played a role in several Republican primaries, helping candidates in Georgia, Alabama and SC in recent weeks with endorsements that underline his influence within the party.

"I'm looking for policies that will move forward a society of mutual benefit, where everybody has the opportunity to realize their objectives, so I don't care what initials are in front or after somebody's name", Koch said, hinting that he'd support some Democratic candidates. We do the ground game because we're not going to equivocate on who we're going to support. And the network already is engaged in Senate races to help Republicans in Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee and Florida.

Trump says he wants to make sure Scott "wins and wins big".

Over the weekend, Koch network co-chair Brian Hooks cited Trump's "tremendous lack of leadership" as contributing to the "deterioration of the core institutions of society" and said the "divisiveness of this White House is causing long-term damage". "And I think they're agnostic, from what I've seen, with respect to what party a person is".

But as Trump has sought to pull his party towards more protectionist trade positions, backers of free trade policies like the Koch network have been reluctant to provide support. In June, their conservative political network launched a campaign to challenge Mr. Trump over his stance on tariffs.

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