Trump gets the fierce Kavanaugh showing he wanted

American Bar Association,Brett Kavanaugh,Christine Blasey Ford

American Bar Association,Brett Kavanaugh,Christine Blasey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh's contentious Supreme Court nomination will be put to an initial vote on Friday, after a dramatic Senate hearing saw the judge furiously fight back against sexual assault allegations recounted in harrowing detail by his accuser. This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger at President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside opposition left-wing groups.

In Illinois, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner said earlier this month that there should be an investigation and the allegations, if true, should disqualify Kavanaugh.

"This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics", Graham added. Kirsten Gillibrand of NY, after Ford testified about her allegation over the course of four hours.

Republicans are concerned, among other reasons, that further investigations could push a vote past the November elections that may switch Senate control back to the Democrats and make consideration of any Trump nominee more hard. Lindsey O. Graham of SC, who called the proceedings an "unethical sham" and boomed that any Republican who voted against Kavanaugh was "legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics".

Another woman, Deborah Ramirez told the New Yorker on Sunday that Kavanaugh thrust his penis in her face while they were both drunk at a party in the early 1980s during their freshman year at Yale.

"The women who have come forward should have the freedom to pursue legal remedy, and our leaders have the obligation to do everything they can to end this epidemic of sexual violence", he said in a statement.

Ms Ford told the top committee Democrat, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, that she had "agonised daily" over coming forward about the alleged decades-old attack.

"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter", said Ford, who is a research psychologist, "the uproarious laughter between the two".

She said she feared the personal consequences would be akin to "jumping in front of a train".

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Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from CT, told Blasey Ford he found her testimony "powerful and credible". The memory - and Kavanaugh's laughter during the act - was "locked" in her brain, she said.

That was significant since Fox is the preferred network of Kavanaugh's supporters, including President Donald Trump.

"My preference would be to keep him", Trump said Wednesday. Later, she said her certainty was "100 percent".

Soon after the hearing ended, Trump issued a tweet praising Kavanaugh's testimony as "powerful, honest, and riveting".

Donnelly voted in favor of President Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, now-Justice Neil Gorsuch, while Tester opposed him. He said this process had become a national disgrace, with Democrats replacing advise and consent with search and destroy. The ABA had previously given a rating of "well qualified" to Kavanaugh when he was nominated in July.

"I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process", Kavanaugh said. The committee vote was 11-10 along party lines. Mazie Hirono told reporters when asked if she would be in her seat in the Judiciary Committee hearing room when the vote is held. "But at least it was just a good old-fashioned attempt at Borking". "I'm sorry to interrupt". But on Thursday, he was firmly on the side of Democratic lawmakers who want the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe the allegations against Kavanaugh.

"Would you like to say more about it?" Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the accusations against him. "And if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you've done to this guy". She ignored his query, and he later apologized. "And I believe many Americans across the country believe you".

The panel will see both witnesses face five minutes of questioning from each senator on the panel, or a lawyer if senators choose to yield their time.

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