Yale roommate says Kavanaugh lied under oath about drinking and yearbook

John Hain

John Hain

In the report, a New Haven police officer wrote that after 1 a.m. on September 26, 1985, a man found bleeding from the ear told officers that another man - identified in the report as Kavanaugh - "threw ice at him for some unknown reason". He was not arrested after being accused of throwing ice at someone "for some unknown reason", according to a police report.

The victim, Dom Cozzolino, was "bleeding from the right ear" and later treated at a local hospital, according to the police report.

Dudley denied the accusation to the police, and Kavanaugh did not want "to say if he threw the ice or not", the Times reports that the police report said.

One such person, according to a report in the Washington Post, is Chris Ludington, a former varsity basketball player and University of North Carolina associate professor who knew Kavanaugh at Yale.

The Yale acquaintance also mentioned Demery's, the bar where the altercation took place, and said he, Kavanaugh and others had been drinking beer.

Prof Ludington and Mr Dudley are among several of Judge Kavanaugh's classmates who have recently spoken out about his behaviour at Yale.

Apparently Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh also likes red red wine. On Monday, Donald Trump said he believed Kavanaugh's testimony when asked if he would pull the nomination, were it to be revealed Kavanaugh lied about his drinking.

Kavanaugh, who has denied allegations of committing sexual misconduct while heavily intoxicated, has seen his past drinking habits come under the microscope in the past week. "A$3 Times spokesperson told Mediaite that in hindsight, it should have enlisted a newsroom staffer to work on the Kavanaugh story instead".

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The report got swift pushback from the Trump team, with spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders describing the account in which police investigated Kavanaugh's allegedly drunken violent behavior and he refused to answer their questions as "desperate". There has been no indication that there were ever arrests or charges stemming from the incident.

Charles Ludington said he was "deeply troubled" by Judge Kavanaugh's "blatant mischaracterisation". Soon after arriving, they spotted another man in the bar who looked like UB40's lead singer, Ali Campbell.

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday.

The North Carolina State University professor, who said he had contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his information, indicated on Sunday in a statement that Mr Kavanaugh was "belligerent and aggressive" when he drank.

"We weren't drinking water, so it must've been some sort of mixed drink", Ludington told Cuomo.

"I saw him quite drunk".

"I think it's very unfair to bring up things like this", Mr Trump said. Despite our living conditions, Brett and I did not socialize beyond the first few days of freshman year. "I've got boys and I've got girls, and when I see what's going on right now, it's scary", Trump Jr said in the interview to Daily Mail TV, prompting a question about who he anxious for more.

The audience laughed as the president said: "Thirty-six years ago this happened: I had one beer!"

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