SNL's Trump Has a Kanye Revelation

SNL Jonah Hill

SNL Jonah Hill

"This is a serious, private conversation between three friends and 50 reporters with cameras", Baldwin as Trump said in the sketch.

Thompson also got a chance to explore Brown's inner monologue through voiceover in the sketch, wondering, among other things, if it was possible for a person to be "tri-polar".

"Oh, this guy might be cuckoo", Baldwin's Trump said.

The open also marked the return of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

"And by the way, when I say that, I'm really not sure which of you I'm talking to". "And I've been in a room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un and they made a lot more sense than him". "He doesn't listen to anyone but himself".

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Controversial rapper Kanye West has ranted about mind control on Twitter after reactivating his account.

During the back and forth, Brown questions his place in the meeting. He says: "I've forgotten how to talk not clear because I'm so programmed to talk clear and sound proper - that gets in the way of how we feel".

"Social media told you that people didn't like me but everybody loves me".

The skit parodied a wildly entertaining meeting between the real-life Trump and West in the White House on Thursday.

Redd as West began by starting that "time is a myth" and he is "a prisoner in a different dimension". Nearly immediately, Redd brings up the 13th Amendment and how it's "trap door" leads to the Uni-Bomber. As Genius reports, "the MAGA crowd has taken to supporting Kanye, though it seems likely they're here for the spectacle Kanye has created more than his music".

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