Huawei finance chief arrested in Canada as USA seeks extradition

Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng arrested in Vancouver, faces extradition to U.S.

Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng arrested in Vancouver, faces extradition to U.S.

The chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei has been arrested in Canada at the request of USA authorities, according to a report from The Global And Mail, and she faces extradition to the United States.

He said Meng faces extradition to the USA, and that a bail hearing has been set for Friday.

As there is a publication ban in effect, which was requested by Meng, the department declined to provide any further detail of the extradition.

Meng Wanzhou's detention comes after American authorities reportedly launched an investigation into suspected Iran sanctions by Huawei, which was already under scrutiny by U.S. intelligence officials, who deemed the company a national security threat.

In April, the Wall Street Journal reported the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Huawei is one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment and service providers.

The US began an investigation in 2016 to ascertain whether or not Huawei has violated American sanctions against Iran.

She is also the daughter of the company's founder, Ren Zhengfei.

As a result, USA officials have worked to prevent US telecom companies from selling Huawei smartphones and installing Huawei equipment.

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David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, said USA and Canadian business executives could face reprisals in China.

Huawei says the company complies with all laws and regulations in the countries where it operates, including applicable export control, sanction laws and regulations of the United Nations, the United States and the European Union.

Earlier this year, two US senators wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warning him that doing business with the Chinese telecom giant would open Canada up to a huge security risk.

The Wall Street Journal notes that US authorities want to bring Meng to federal court in the Eastern District of NY.

Meng's arrest is related to alleged violations of USA sanctions, according to Reuters news agency. Mark Warner conveyed "grave concerns" over the possibility that the Chinese government might be using Huawei equipment to spy on and interfere with foreign governments.

According to CNBC, the United Kingdom has also blocked the tech giant from providing key equipment for the development of a 5G network by telecommunications firm BT.

Huawei has repeatedly denied engaging in intelligence work for any government and is seeking an urgent meeting with the New Zealand government.

The report said existing Huawei equipment at the firm's current 3G and 4G networks would also be removed.

Mulroney said Canada should be prepared for "sustained fury" from the Chinese and said it will be portrayed in China as Canada kowtowing to Trump.

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