Taliban storms Afghanistan's Ghazni, seizes control of parts of city

Trump no plans to name Pentagon chief replacement soon

Trump no plans to name Pentagon chief replacement soon

Islamabad also attended last month's talks between the USA and Taliban representatives in the UAE, which led to Washington announcing its intention to reduce its military presence in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have insisted on first reaching an agreement with the United States, which the group sees as the main force in Afghanistan since US-led forces toppled the Taliban government in 2001.

That was the latest in a series of meetings between USA officials and representatives of the Talian that began in the summer.

According to the report, the USA forces and the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have carried out around 550 airstrikes against the Taliban targets with the span of two months.

The Taliban have not formally responded to the news that Trump had chose to withdraw roughly half of the 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

In response to news of the potential withdrawal, the Afghan government said in a terse statement it "will not affect the security situation in any way".

Islamabad also views this development as hugely significant and last week it sent its foreign minister to Afghanistan, China, Russia and Iran to discuss various options for a peaceful transition in Kabul.

"No one, police, army, government employees or anyone, will face revenge behavior from our side".

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"I don't think their mindset has changed but they have realized that without respecting human rights, they can not be accepted by the global community", said Bilal Sediqi, spokesman for the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

Bass isn't wrong: Kabul's chief negotiator had met with the USA special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad in Abu Dhabi on December 18, just days before news of a potential Afghan withdrawal broke.

The deadly attack on a public welfare building in densely-populated area of Afghan capital took place on Monday when the gunmen held out for eight hours against security forces.

Abdul, a 12-year police veteran now working in the western province of Farah, told Reuters, "The Taliban are not the old ones".

Both the Taliban and the USA are exhausted of war. We see changes among them.

The Taliban, a predominantly ethnic Pashtun movement, strongest in the south and east of the country, now control large stretches of the countryside, where they levy taxes, run courts and control education.

"I am 100 percent confident that once they come back to power, they will be the same Taliban that ruled Afghanistan in the nineties".

The top United States commander in Afghanistan, a week before President Donald Trump's decision on drawing down American troops, had admitted the 17-year-old conflict in the country would not culminate with a military win for the Pentagon.

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