Trump storms out of meeting with Democrats on border wall funding

A section of the reinforced US — Mexico border fence on the Otay Mesa area San Diego County as seen from Tijuana in Baja California state Mexico

A section of the reinforced US — Mexico border fence on the Otay Mesa area San Diego County as seen from Tijuana in Baja California state Mexico

Nine federal agencies have been shut down since December 22, and Trump and congressional Democrats continue to spar over funds to build a wall along the Southern border, with Trump threatening to declare a national emergency to fund the wall if Democrats do not budge. What followed, however, was much of the racist and xenophobic rhetoric we've heard from Trump for the past three and a half years-including the false claims that undocumented immigrants as a whole are unsafe to the United States and that the only solution to questions over our border security is a $5 billion wall. They weren't listening to us.

The Democrats have "refused to provide our fearless border agents with the tools they desperately need to protect our families and our nation", he added. Unaccompanied children are finally being released from custody after hitting a record 15,000 in custody last month, but only after Health and Human Services, the agency in charge, dropped a new screening requirement for sponsors under pressure.

Senator Doug Jones of Alabama said, "We need to dial back the rhetoric and not use fear".

"Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way", Schumer added.

Trump called on Democrats to return to the White House to meet with him, saying it was "immoral" for "politicians to do nothing".

Democrats, newly in control of the House of Representatives, have said they will not allocate any money toward the wall, which remains a popular concept within Trump's base but has little support from the broader American public. "So how much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job", he said.

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McConnell has not budged from his hard line of refusing to bring up any government funding bill without Trump's backing even as a few members of his caucus have called for an end to the standoff.

Now Democratic leadership including House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer are demanding that the networks follow Trump's address with a rebuttal by Democrats. However, he claimed that the leader may make a strong case for the Congress to fund the construction of a steel barrier along the southern border. "I think most Americans understand that it's purely political".

Mrs Pelosi and Mr Schumer have vowed they will not give Trump any money to build a wall. Mr Trump could then claim victory while Democrats could say they blocked the wall.

As the shutdown stretched to the second-longest on record, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found that a growing proportion of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, though Republicans mostly support his refusal to approve a budget without taxpayer dollars for a wall on the US-Mexico border. "More Americans will die this year due to drugs than were killed in the entire Vietnam war", he said.

Democrats argue that maintenance of existing border fencing, hi-tech tools to scan vehicles crossing at ports of entry, and hiring more personnel would be cheaper and more effective than a wall.

Trump will follow up his speech with a rare trip to the Mexico border on Thursday, but showed little enthusiasm for either the Oval Office speech or the border trip during an off-the-record lunch Tuesday with television anchors, The New York Times reported.

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