219 inches of MicroLED tech

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

CREDIT Courtesy of Samsung

"This year, at CES 2019, Samsung takes the technology a step further with the 219" The Wall.

"Bringing more content, value and open platform functionality to Samsung TV owners and Apple customers through iTunes and AirPlay is ideal for everyone", says Won-Jin Lee, Executive Vice President, Service Business of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung describes Micro LED displays as being "made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colours on screen", without relying on degradable, carbon-based matter like OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays do, Times Now News reported.

The new Micro LED TV pushes the limits of traditional televisions, with its self-emissive technology and modular capabilities.

"Now, back to Micro LED, with the introduction of last year's 146" The Wall with Micro LED technology.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. See our privacy policy. Samsung said that flexibility in screen size allows users to customize Micro LED displays to fit any room or space and expand them to any size.

The firm says that besides this, the TV also optimises the content to the shape and size of the screen. Additionally, MicroLED can support everything from the standard 16:9 content, to 21:9 widescreen films, to unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9, or even 1:1 " without having to make any compromises in its picture quality. The modular microLED television is bezel free and can be customised by adding or removing modules. The result is a seamless, stunning infinity pool effect that allows the display to elegantly blend into any living environment.

In the meantime, Samsung set up an experience zone featuring micro LED & QLED 8K TVs at the venue of Samsung First Look 2019.

The two companies have always been rivals in smartphone, tablet and other markets.

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